Round Table Dining Room

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Square dining table has a very formal impression. One of the reason is that there is a special seat placed as the 'leader'. If the people who eat there are only family, it must be the father who will sit in the chair. But if it is not, it is really tired of thinking about who should sit in that chair.

It seems that the round table becomes the solution of the problem of determining who sits on the important seat. If you plan on replacing the round table, here are some pictures that can be  the inspiration for decorating the round dining table.

Minang House - Indonesian Ethnic Home Idea

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Rumah gadang (Minangkabau: "big house") or rumah bagonjong (Minangkabau: "spired roof house") are the traditional homes (Indonesian: "rumah adat") of the Minangkabau. The architecture, construction, internal and external decoration, and the functions of the house reflect the culture and values of the Minangkabau. A rumah gadang serves as a residence, a hall for family meetings, and for ceremonial activities. In the matrilineal Minangkabau society, the rumah gadang is owned by the women of the family who live there; ownership is passed from mother to daughter. 

The houses have dramatic curved roof structure with multi-tiered, upswept gables. Shuttered windows are built into walls incised with profuse painted floral carvings. The term rumah gadang usually refers to the larger communal homes, however, smaller single residences share many of its architectural elements. 

In West Sumatra, traditional rumah gadang reflect the province’s Minangkabau people, and has become the symbol of West Sumatra and Minangkabau culture. Throughout the region, numerous buildings demonstrate the design elements of rumah gadang, including genuine vernacular timber masonry structures built for customary ceremonies, to the more mundane modern structure like those of government offices and public facilities. Today, rumah gadang architectural elements, especially its gonjong horn-like curved roof can be found in modern structures, such as governor and regencies office buildings, marketplaces, hotels, facade of Padang restaurants and Minangkabau International Airport. An istano basa, however, is the largest and most magnificent example of this traditional style. 

Garage Design Ideas

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Garage design is a part of the house that also must be considered because the garage is not only served as a sanctuary for vehicles but also as a supporter of the beauty of the house as a whole. The first thing to note about the garage is where it will take a place. Will you build it in front of, beside or behind the house. Later, the placement of this garage should pay attention in terms of security and comfort when you use it to park your vehicle. Garage and house is a unity that is not separated. The point here is to feel more beautiful and together with the dwelling. So, you should pay attention to the design of the garage to keep looking harmonious with the design of the house. Thinking about its function later becomes a major thing that you should never forget. However you will use it later to park your vehicle. So you should think about the area of ​​the garage, of course, with regard to how many vehicles you can park in the garage. If you have more than one vehicle,the first thing you would have to think is about to make the garage more roomy. That is why measurement of dimensions before garage construction is very important to do.

Contemporary Dining Room Ideas

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Designer: Forma Design, Inc.
A table that is used as the center of a unique room adds its own charm. This room is actually not seen as a dining room, because of its location that seems to be at the crossroads between stairs and doors, but this is the uniqueness of the design of this contemporary dining room.

 Designer: Jarul
The large abstract painting on the wall becomes an interesting ornament to look at. The simple arrangement of chairs and tables and not much luxury furniture makes it a very contemporary minimalist dining room.


 Designer: 3dzone

The design of the glass dining table above is commonly used today. Desk design like this can help make the room look brighter, plus a white chair.

 Designer: Jarul

Again white becomes the preferred color for seating. The design of the dining room is not too wide is perfect for a happy little family.

 Designer: Chao

The refreshing ambiance of wood and plant combinations creates a natural freshness aura for this contemporary dining room.

 Designer: Huelsta

The appearance of a casual seat in a combination of black and chrome looks very prominent. There is a rare-looking dining room cabinet in other dining rooms.

Designer: Kimball Starr

The versatile seating arrangement is perfect for families and partying with friends. The colorful chairs make this room even more funny.

Designer: Pangea

The warm light coming from the light creates a sense of comfort. Notice the lamp design used, the light is directed upwards. This technique is very rarely used, you can try it in your minimalist home.

Calder Interior - Dining Room

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Designer: Desiron 

The use of wood in large quantities used in this room makes it different from other contemporary designs. This dining room looks very traditional.

Dining Room - Archdesign Firm's Design

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 Designer: Archdesign Firm

WoodBridge - Contemporary Dining Room
  An interior renovation is done to provide the sufficient functionality, traffic density and lighting. The contemporary restaurant design is quite simple and interesting but It is able to create a remarkable design.

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