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Big Idesa for Small Places

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It can be said that having a big and large house is a dream of everyone but of course we need to provide more budget to make it real. Don't worry! If you don't have much, you can still have a small house with big ideas to make it more enjoyable :-)
I feel interested to share some pictures that i found at to give you some inspiration if you have a plan to build  your modern small house.

Small Modern Nature Garden House Design

House Design Fascinating Best Small Modern Architecture

Modern Small Sea House

Indoor Garden: Bring The Outside In

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More and more people want to live closer to the nature. But if you live in a cramped concrete jungle, these 10 indoor garden ideas can bring the serenity of the nature inside your home.

This Japanese style garden with the fish pond is very beautiful and relaxing. The sound of water and the fun while you feeding the fish can calm your body and mind after a long day of works. 

Thi garden with volcanic rocks is separated with glass partition with the room, the mirror on the left give the illusion of larger space.

A space under stairway also can be used as the indoor garden. The transparent stairway will give beautiful view of the garden while walking up or downstairs.

For your kitchen, This vertical garden can be used to plant herbs or vegetables. It saves space and when you need it you can get herbs and vegetables direct from your garden fresh at anytime.

The Indoor garden not always need large space, with the limited space like the above picture you can create a beautiful indoor garden.

Got bigger space? perhaps the indoor garden idea like the above can be your choice. The unique feature of this garden is not only a simple one shrub and grass but the bench for you to sit and relax, also a decal on the glass partition.

Simple corner indoor garden like this is a good sample for you who has limited space and limited budget. The use of flower pot also give you the opportunity
 to move or remodel the garden easily.

Instead of using curtain or blinds, you can use plants to reduce the heat and cool your living room. The plants will produce oxygen during the day so it will make your living room fresher not only by it looks.

Vertical garden is the answer for limited space. Like the above design the vertical garden in the living room or waiting room will calm your mind and reduce stress.

You will get an open door sensation but with protected privacy while having shower or bath with this type of design. The vertical garden design is used for the bathroom that normally has quite small space, but if you have more room to spare you can go as wild as you can to design the garden in your bathroom. Watch out for that snake though!

10 Bunk Bed Ideas For Your Bedroom

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Do you have small bed room but you need two, three, four or even six people need to fit in? Or Do  you want to make your small bed room to be more spacious? These 10 pictures of bunk bed ideas below perhaps can give you inspiration to design your bed room

 This beautiful design incorporate a study or working space under the bed with some simple storage to keep your documents or you can make it as small library. The stairs to the bed also has some drawer that function as the storage space.

 This kind of design perhaps remind you of capsule hotel in Japan. If you add a curtain, it will give the user their private space for their privacy. If you have claustrophobia perhaps you will think twice before using this design on your bed room.

 This simple and classic bunk bed design is never old. The wood materials and color is match with the wooden floor. Its L-shape design uses the corner of the room to maximize space. With this design you can have three people to fit in plus a storage space, or you can fit four people without the storage space.

 This fresh orange design will energize you every time you wakes up. You can change the small table in to make up table or space for study. The bed with the wheel make it easy to move for cleaning or changing the position to get fresh feeling anytime you want.

 This bunk bed design for three person has a lot of storage place to incorporate the number of people who live on it. The unique design on the bed placement use any single space possible and very good design for small room.

 This modular design is very interesting not only you can move it around for bedroom make over but you can detach and make it a single bed if you want to put it in different room or you have bigger room which this bed can be stand alone.

 I would not say "even my grandma can make it" but this is a simple and perhaps low budget idea that you can make it by your own in the weekend with the simple materials and tools from your storage house.

 Small bed room for two or three people? No problem. This simple design with hidden sliding bed will solve it. Just pull the bed out if you want take a sleep and slide it in to make the spacier room.

 This classic design can accommodate four people. You can put some drawer under the bed for storage space and you need to have adequate ceiling height to make it more comfortable.

You want to make a dormitory, or boarding house or even a budget hotel targeting  groups of backpackers tourist? This design can be your inspiration. With small space you can accommodate to six people or even more - if you add more beds. The curtain and personal wall lamps can give the sense of privacy for the users.

86-Square-Foot Apartment in Paris

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How it feel to live in a 86 square foot apartment? This question may be is the most frequently asked to the owner of perhaps the worlds smallest apartment in Paris, France.

In some parts of the world, house has lost its several functions. In the old days (it is still in now days off course) big house is preferable, since a house also can be a place which has social or family gathering function. A house also became a status symbol that everyone will see and admire. Nowadays, in the big cities where the price of land and properties is skyrockets and the business which force the people to work outside their house almost all day long which made them stay at their house 8 or 10 hours or even less in a day. Also the people tend to spend the weekends traveling or hang out with friend in a bar or restaurant. So, for a single or for a busy working couple in a big city a house often only became a place to sleep and rest after long days in the office, so the choice to have small apartment is one of the option.

The best thing to have this small apartment are because the price is cheaper (the main reason why we love this apartment), it cost less (since you will need less energy for AC/heater, lighting, etc) and you'll need less time and energy to clean and maintain it.

Small apartment is not always cramped if you able to play with the available space to make your tiny apartment feel spacious. The video of  this tiny 86-Square-Foot Apartment in Paris is for your inspiration if you want to build this small but beautiful apartment but I will not recommend this for you who has claustrophobia.

Lounge Chairs For The Modern Home Interior

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modern lounge chair

modern lounge chair

Modern lounge Chair
Lounge Chair has so many design and function. It can beautify your living room.

Indoor Garden

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indoor garden

indoor garden

indoor garden

indoor garden

Indoor Garden Plans

Having no large land is not the reason that can make us stop gardening. If you really want to make your own garden at home why you don't try to make indoor gardening, it doesn't need large space in your home...above are some samples of indoor garden that can be your inspiration.....

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